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New Series Coming in 2018!

I’m so thrilled to announce my new series! THE CERULEAN will be out sometime in 2018. (Publishing is a long, slow process…) It’s been such an amazing experience living in the Lone City for so long, but I’m excited to explore new worlds and new characters, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Check out the Publishers Weekly announcement below!

Publishers Weekly announcement

Update re: comments section

Hello my darling readers! I love hearing from each and every one of you, but due to the insane amount of spam I get, I’ve decided to close this blog to comments. PLEASE keep sharing your thoughts and questions with me via email–you can reach me at And thank you all for your support of Violet and her friends. You warm my heart every day. 🙂


I am super thrilled to finally announce that the second book in the Lone City trilogy has a title and a release date. THE WHITE ROSE will be available in stores October 6, 2015!!

But October is still so far away. So in the meantime, there will be an e-book novella released in July. THE HOUSE OF THE STONE tells a little bit about what is happening to Raven in the horrible palace of the Stone, under the Countess’s direction. And let me warn you—if you thought Violet had it bad, it’s nothing compared to poor Raven’s experience.

Hopefully this makes the wait for THE WHITE ROSE a bit easier. Can’t wait till next fall!

Hi and welcome to my brand new website and author blog!

Amy EwingThis is where you can find all my thoughts on writing, publishing, books I’m reading, cheese, and hot fictional boys.

I’m currently about to start revisions on THE JEWEL #2 (which will have a better title, I promise) and am also excited to be working on a novella from a secondary character’s perspective, to be released between THE JEWEL and the second book. My lips are sealed on which character, but stay tuned here for more details as they come!